Character Breakdown
(Ages and Genders VERY subject to change)
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  • Some roles will likely be double-cast
  • Some roles will be combined


Jack Kelly

  • Age 14-17
  • The charismatic leader of the Manhattan Newsies, is an orphaned dreamer and artist who yearns to get out of the crowded streets of New York and make a better life for himself out West. Fiercely protective of his best friend, Crutchie, and strongly loyal, Jack isn’t afraid to use his voice to attain better conditions for the working kids of New York City. Though living on the streets has given him a tough-guy exterior, Jack has a big heart and can demonstrate a sweet vulnerability – especially when it comes to bantering with a certain female reporter. Must have a great pop tenor voice and sense of physicality.
  • Vocal range top: A4
  • Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Katherine Plumber

  • Age: 14 to 17
  • An ambitious young reporter, works hard to make a name for herself as a legitimate journalist in a time when women aren’t taken seriously. Quick, funny, and resourceful, she boldly captures the voice of a new generation rising in her coverage of the Newsies’ strike. While she generally has no time for cocky, streetwise young men, she makes an exception for Jack Kelly. Though she only has a brief dance solo in “King of New York,” Katherine should have a great contemporary pop voice with a high belt – diction is key.
  • Vocal range top: F5
  • Vocal range bottom: A3


  • Age 10-14
  • A dedicated Newsie with a bum leg that’s painful, but helps sell more papes. Though he walks with the assistance of a crutch, Crutchie doesn’t let it define him; when in a jam, he relies on a goofy- sweet sense of humor and optimistic resilience. Crutchie is the heart of the resistance.
  • Vocal range top: A4
  • Vocal range bottom: C3


  • Age: 14 to 18
  • Les’s straight-laced, bright big brother starts selling newspapers to help his family earn a living, but becomes swept up in the fervor of the strike. A leader in his own right who is learning to use his voice to uplift others, Davey is the brains of the resistance.
  • Vocal range top: A4
  • Vocal range bottom: D3


  • Age: 9 to 11
  • Davey’s cheeky younger brother, is inspired by the freedom of the Newsies and loves their independent lifestyle. A precocious and natural Newsie, Les is an intuitive salesboy and a pint-sized charmer. He should present as younger than the other Newsies.
  • Vocal range top: Bb3
  • Vocal range bottom: Db3

Medda Larkin

  • Age: 16 to 20
  • Inspired by vaudeville performer Aida Overton Walker, this big-voiced saloon singer and star of the Bowery offers her theater as a safe haven for the Newsies. An astute entertainer with great comic delivery, she’s a good friend to Jack and stands firmly behind the Newsies in their fight for justice.
  • Vocal range top: E5
  • Vocal range bottom: F3

Joseph Pulitzer

  • Age: 17 to 25
  • A pompous businessman through and through, owns the World and is concerned solely with the bottom line. Katherine’s no-nonsense father, Pulitzer doesn’t sympathize with the strikers, but he does eventually – and grudgingly – respect Jack.
  • Vocal range top: F4
  • Vocal range bottom: C3

Newsies (Chorus)

  • Age: 5 to 16
  • Including Albert, Buttons, Elmer, Finch, Henry, Ike, Jo Jo, Mike, Mush, Race, Romeo, Specs, Splasher, and Tommy Boy, are some of the hard-working kids of New York City that go on strike for a livable wage.
  • This group will make up our core dancers.
  • NOTE: We will also have a Newsies Ensemble that will be involved in less rehearsal and less complex choreography.


  • Age: 10 to 16
  • Three Newsies who are hesitant to join the strike.

Spot Conlon

  • Age: 12 to 16
  • The proud leader of the Brooklyn Newsies, boasts an intimidating reputation and a short singing solo in “Brooklyn’s Here.”


  • Age: 10 to 15
  • The upper-class kid of a publisher who sides with the Newsies. Can double as a Newsie.


  • Age: 10 to 15
  • The son of William Randolph Hearst who joins the Newsies’ cause. Can double as a Newsie.


  • Age: 14 to 20
  • Or “Weasel,” runs the distribution window for the World and knows most of the Newsies by name. Assisted by the intimidating Delancey Brothers, who keep order by any means necessary, Wiesel is Pulitzer’s disgruntled paper- pusher.

Oscar and Morris Delancey

  • Age: 13 to 18
  • Tough brothers who work at the distribution window for the World, take the side of the publishers in the strike and are known to use their fists to make a point.


  • Age: 13 to 18
  • Assist the Delanceys in roughing up the Newsies at the end of Act One.


  • Age: 16-25
  • Editor, advises Pulitzer, but ultimately admires the kids’ newspaper.


  • Age: 16 to 20
  • Pulitzer’s bookkeeper, comes up with the ideas to raise the Newsies’ price per paper.


  • Age: 16 to 20
  • Pulitzer’s practical and insightful secretary.


  • Age: 15 to 20
  • Pulitzer’s barber.


  • Age: 15 to 20
  • The Guard removes the Newsies from Pulitzer’s building.


  • Age: 15 to 25
  • The crooked and sinister warden of The Refuge, a filthy and horrible orphanage, is concerned only with catching enough kids to keep his government checks coming.

The Bowery Beauties

  • Age: 14 to 20
  • Female performers at Medda’s Theater.

Stage Manager

  • Age: 13 to 18
  • Introduces Medda’s act.


  • Age: 13 to 20
  • The three nuns offer breakfast to the hungry Newsies.


  • Age: 12 to 18
  • Takes the triumphant photo of the Newsies at the end of “Seize the Day.”


  • Age: 15 to 20
  • A newspaper customer.


  • Age: 16 to 20
  • Allows the Newsies to congregate in his restaurant to plan their strike – when he doesn’t have any paying customers, that is.


  • Age: 16 to 20
  • Assist Snyder and turn against the Newsies in the fight that concludes Act One.


  • Age: 15 to 20
  • The Mayor of New York City rebuffs Pulitzer’s attempts to shut down the Newsies’ strike.

Governor Teddy Roosevelt

  • Age: 16 to 25
  • A well-respected lifelong public servant, inspires Jack to stand up to Pulitzer.


  • In the original Broadway production, the adult (non-Newsie) ensemble comprised eight actors who doubled and understudied as indicated below. All other featured roles and understudies were cast from the ensemble of Newsies.

         FEMALE ENSEMBLE 1 – Nun / Hannah / Bowery Beauty / Katherine understudy
         FEMALE ENSEMBLE 2 – Nun / Woman / Bowery Beauty / Medda understudy
         FEMALE ENSEMBLE 3 – Nun / Medda Larkin
         MALE ENSEMBLE 1 – Wiesel / Stage Manager / Mr. Jacobi / Mayor / Pulitzer understudy
         MALE ENSEMBLE 2 – Seitz / Roosevelt understudy
         MALE ENSEMBLE 3 – Bunsen / Male Ensemble 1 understudy
         MALE ENSEMBLE 4 – Nunzio / Guard / Policeman / Roosevelt
         MALE ENSEMBLE 5 – Snyder / Pulitzer understudy