Joining Forces with UPENN Masters of Applied Positive Psychology Program

This past December, The 1214 Foundation was chosen by the University of Pennsylvania to work with a group of students from their Masters of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program. For the past five months we worked with the cohorts to enhance our ARC program, which was developed for us by volunteers from the Yale School of Management, to apply principles from the field of positive psychology to produce tools and material we can implement to further contribute to the well being and flourishing of our children. This past weekend our team of passionate cohorts presented the results of their service project to the rest of the MAPP students, their professors, and to us. We were impressed by the effort and excellence put forth by our team, and overwhelmed by the response of those in attendance to the presentation. We are grateful for this opportunity with Penn and are looking forward to further developing this relationship. Please stay tuned for more details about this amazing opportunity and to learn how we will be implementing it into our ARC program.
A little about Penn’s MAPP program

Penn’s innovative MAPP program, the first in the world and still the only one in the US to teach the principles of applied positive psychology, allows students to earn a world-class graduate degree without interrupting their careers. Created under the leadership of Dr. Martin Seligman (Faculty Director and positive psychology founder) and Dr. James Pawelski (Director), the MAPP program opened its doors in the fall of 2005, and presents an extraordinary opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to become actively involved in a cutting-edge and growing area of study.

The program benefits from the hands-on involvement of interdisciplinary scholars who are innovators in ground- breaking applied research in the field. Classes are taught by Dr. Seligman and other leading figures and are held
on campus one weekend each month. In the intervening weeks, classes are taught via a variety of distance-learning methods, making the program accessible to students choosing to work full time and living across the US and around the world. The program trains students in the history, theory and basic research methods of positive psychology and in the application of positive psychology in various professional settings.