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Following the violent and tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Newtown resident Michael Baroody, MD established the 12.14 Foundation and began working to provide the community’s children with an empowered way forward. He believed that when children earn and achieve mastery in an activity, they discover that they have what it takes to per severe and ultimately grow through even their most difficult challenges. Artistic director Michael Unger initiated a performing arts mastery program which proved to be a major component of the overall curriculum. The ARC Character Development Program was formulated to make the lessons learned through the Arts transferable to everyday life.

Conceived by Dr. Baroody and developed by volunteers from the Leader ship Development Program at the Yale School of Management, Inspire Corps and the University of Pennsylvania School of Applied Positive Psychology, ARC fosters empowerment by pushing individual s to define themselves, identify their passions and exercise confidence. Through this, children learn to live in their stretch zone, accomplishing more than they ever dreamed possible.

Dr. Michael Baroody, MD
Founder, 12.14 Foundation

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